What is a backlink in seo

What is a backlink?

Backlinks are links from one website to another website. Google and other search engines consider each of these backlinks as votes. Obviously the more you have the more authority you’ll have on search results.

Backlink value depends on a lot of factors that give them more or less value. A lot of these factors can impact you positively and again negative.

This is how backlinks influence’s your websites SEO

what is a backlink in seo

What is a backlink in SEO?

In theory a strong backlink score in SEO holds a strong relevance to the possibility of attracting more traffic.

The theory is that the more backlinks your website has the more traffic it will get in general.

This is because backlinks positively boosts your page ranking on search engines.

A strong backlink website profile is referred to as domain rating or domain authority.

The better your website rating the more you will rank on a variety of different keywords and key phrases

So how to tell if a backlink is good value?

When building your backlink profile its best practise. To go after relevance. Websites that contain relevant content to yours.

Red with Red, Green with Green, and Red with Green makes purple so it’s not a match as a simple example of how to utilise your link structure and Backlink profile goals.

Another example if you provide kitchen appliances you want to pursue backlinks from websites relating to the sector such as a website relating to all types of house hold appliances.

relevance link building

What is a backlink in SEO?

You can search the term Google reasonable surfer patent to see more information on this. Doing as mentioned above will comply with Google’s


But if you get say a link from a website that deals with pets and pet accessories Google will devalue the backlink as there is no connection of relevance between the two sectors.

These are big ranking factors when it comes to authority and that is why services like fiver and seoclerks hurt your website beyond repair with their unethical link building strategies.

Follow industry standards and best practises for best results

Do Follow vs No Follow Links

To follow or not to follow that is the question when it comes to backlinks.

Simplified Do Follow gives a positive vote to search engines and boosts the linking link thanks to the do follow link attribute. No follow gives no authority and only means a simple link without value

No follow is used to not create irrelevance. And so supresses spam as too much irrelevance creates a spam score in the eyes of search engines

and therefor no link growth is created with spam link building.

Blogs generally uses no follow attributes to prevent spam and to prevent link generating abuse. If you have ever had a blog you would know about this all too well. People posting random messages to blog posts with links trying to cheat the systems

do follow no follow

What is a backlink in SEO?

The value of link placement

The placement of links also has an impact of the authority it passes. Header links and body links have more value than footer links

link placement

Anchor Text

A links display text is called an anchor, Anchor text must not focus on exact keywords the whole time as Google’s algorithms scan it and mark it as a type of keyword spam.

Mix up words when it comes to anchor text in link structures

Anchor text

How important is traffic to linking sites and content freshness?

Some backlinks will not only boost you when it comes to your website rating but can also pass direct traffic to your website.

Content freshness does count because Google gives it more importance with certain search intended queries.

That is why it is very important to continuously grow your backlink score with new links and to expand online more

website traffic

Quantity of backlinks from one specific website

Backlinks help but the more backlinks you get from only one website loses power.

For that reason you need to expand with referring domains and backlinks

quality links

These reasons are the reason we have a specific way of link building and we have found that it works. We cut Spam out of the answer of link building

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